Friday, November 6, 2009

This Writing Gig? It's Tough. Bonus Family Funny.

Five days I've kept to my goals now, and it's killing me. I'm completely in awe of full-time writers. The amount that I'm writing per day isn't even close to their output, yet from the amount of mental whining I'm engaging in, you'd think I was single-handedly creating the Holy Grail.

I thought I had decent discipline before and good, consistent writing habits. Yeah, not so much. The writing almost everyday thing was an important mental step in my quest for publishing when I decided to do it. And I'm getting the feeling that this is another. It's a different mindset when you have a deadline, even just one set on a whim, which this completely is for me.

And I think that reporting to you all on my progress is helping me to toe the line. So thanks to those of you who are following my efforts. It makes a difference, knowing that you're there, even when you don't comment. Again, thanks.

Now, for a quick family funny. The setting: Dinner table. The feast: Mac & Cheese (shells). The lead actor: E3.almost7.

E3.almost7: "More mac & cheese, mommy."
Me: "Excuse me?"
E3.almost7: "I said, More mac & cheese, mommy."
Me: "Yeah, I heard that. What do you say?" (I'm angling for 'please' here, in case you're not catching on)
E3.almost7: "Put it in the bowl." *husband coughs to cover his grin*
Me: *just staring at her*
E3.almost7: "Right here." *helpfully, she points at the bowl she's shoved under my nose already* *husband starts choking, and not on food*
Me: *trying for one eyebrow raise, but can't really, so probably one up, one at half-mast and looking goofy.* "What. Do. You. Say?"
E3.almost7: *big grin* "Thank you." *husband has to leave the table*
Me: "Gah! What about please!?!?!?!"
E3.almost7: *nods and gives a sweet smile* "Please. Now."


  1. Never a dull moment when children are around.

    Well done for keeping up with your deadline. You'll have your writing finished in no time at all...Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! It has been difficult but gratifying. :) So are you editing your novel now? You said in earlier comments that it's at 130K.

  3. Yes, there abouts. I've got a final deadline of January. I've just made loads of changes and am now going through it again to make sure it all flows together nicely. Come January it WILL be ready to take its first leap onto an agents desk. I'm going to start collecting rejection

  4. Heh. I'm right there with you. I need to go ahead and decide what I'm doing with my urban fantasy novel already and get it back in the mix.

    I submitted to 10 agents, got one partial request (eventually rejected) and the rest rejections. So I took a step back to see what I might do differently and can't seem to make a firm decision about it. I think it's fear holding me back and I just need to do it.

  5. It is scary submitting your work, I'll give you that...
    I joined a writers circle about two years ago and I've never looked back. I never realised how many errors I was making with my writing. I've since then taken everything on board and my whole confidence level has risen dramatically. That's a great feeling...

  6. E3.7 cracks me up!!! She's got enough personality to perform on Broadway, I swear! Thanks for the giggles this morning. :)