Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Head Cold + Writing = Not Much Progress

Yeah, so I didn't quite make my November goal, as you can see from the sidebar. I got bogged down towards the end by holiday prep and illness. But it was a super experience anyways. I'm honestly amazed that I did as well as I did.

End result? I've almost finished my SF novel! I wrote about a quarter of it in one month, and that's super-speedy for me! If I'd met my writing goals, I probably would have finished it. I'm on "The Throwdown" as I like to call it, right now - the big event to end the story. I've also already written some of the wrap-up to happen after The Throwdown, so really, all I have to do is finish what I'm writing and do a little more wrap-up as appropriate. And then I can put "End." on it!!! Yippee!!

Of course, then I'll need to edit it. Just like I need to edit my UF novel before shopping it around some more. After I finish this SF novel I think I'll be devoting most of my time to editing as opposed to writing new stuff. Otherwise, I'll have all this stuff written and sitting on a shelf because it still won't be in shape to send to an agent.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving if you're in the States.


  1. Oh, I sympathise with you...I've been ill for the last week too, and funnily enough it is a head cold. Maybe this is the time for head colds to pick on writers. I know how off putting it can be when you're feeling under the weather, and it's a shame you didn't quite reach your goal, but hey! You were almost there! And you achieved so much through November. You still deserve a well earned pat on the back...
    Well done you!

  2. Thanks! I really am proud of myself. It was a good exercise in discipline and working under a deadline.

    Are you working on anything new yet or still editing? Is your cold better? Since I missed my goal, I think mine figured its work here was done. It up and left over the following two days, and today I'm fine. Stupid cold.

  3. lol...my cold is still here, but I think it's just starting to leave now. I've don't remember ever having one that left me feeling as rough as this. But we battle on...
    My novel is being critiqued at the moment, so I've started to go over one of my previous pieces whilst I wait for it to come back. I've also started planning for my next one - yet another fantasy...it's very exciting...