Monday, June 28, 2010

Say Wha-?

My husband and I always laugh at how differently we pronounce words in our heads when reading stuff. We've gone to my mom before to have her settle how to say something, only for her to start laughing at us because she uses a third pronunciation. On a side-note, isn't it weird how you can say something in your head and it seems perfectly normal, but somehow saying it out loud and introducing your tongue and mouth to the equation makes it sound NOT like what was in your head?

Lisa Shearin is helping all her readers out by posting a compendium of pronunciations for the Names, Places and random Words in her Raine Benares novels. It was compiled by Lisa and the audio book reader (voice-over actress) for her first several novels.

I was pronouncing Tamnais wrong. Way wrong. 'tam-NAY-is' was my interpretation. Apparently it's 'tom-NAHS'. So does that mean when they shorted it to Tam, it's not pronounced Tam but Tom? I like Tam better. ANYhoo, it was cool to see the list and compare.


  1. LOL!!! I know exactly what you mean! No lie, when I was reading the Harry Potter books (and I get teased about this to this day), I always pronounced Hermione as Herm-EE-own. I'd never heard or known that Hermione is a common British (I think?) name. All that time, I was thinking "man, whata an ugly name for such a cute sounding girl". Oh well, good to know others struggle as well.

    And I agree, I like "Tam" better.

  2. OMG-('O my Golly' for some of us) Did you say Lisa Shearin is on audio - you KNOW how I love audio - I can't wait to get my puter back to dl her files. I can hear Mychael speak while I sew - the thought just makes me drool - oooh - I hope she has a good reader - I wonder if they'll have a genderized team - man - I can't wait!!!

    Who cares about Tam/Tom - go for the guy who actually acts on his impulses!