Friday, September 18, 2009

Thrrree Days of Writing! Hahaha!

I hope you all read the title with your Sesame Street's Count voice turned on. For the first time in about three weeks, I actually had a few consecutive days off from B&N and landscaping. So I got some writing done! Yippee. I've always heard of authors who say that they "have to write." Until recently, I would have said that no, that's not me. I have to read, I have to eat Carrabbas & Papa John's Pizza at least once a month (not at the same time), I have to have some "me-time" or peace and quiet every so often, and I have to have hugs from my family. But I don't have to write. I daydream, and those daydreams end up being the basis for my stories.

Then I got laid-off and I actually started devoting some time to my writing. Now I might actually be turning into one of those people who has to write. These last few weeks have felt really off to me. The past two days of writing again have made me feel balanced though.

So what is it that you have to do to keep yourself centered? What makes you bearable to live with?

BTW, whining to you guys was yet again just the thing I needed yesterday. After complaining about my progress on the blog here, I went back to writing yesterday and hammered out another 1100 words, and they were good. It was refreshing.Thanks, guys and gals.


  1. lol! I DID read it with the Count's accent :) i love you! I'm glad you got some quality writing in and that you're all centered again!

    I feel extremely centered in my own life right now, actually! I need a nice rainy day where I can take advantage of it (on a monthly basis at least)--I can stay inside with my blanket, some good coffee, a book, and my kitty to get nice and centered. A hot bath, some Amelie Markik Dinner Rolls, family hugs and kisses (yes, even if i must bribe with root beer to get them), my man, and my computer--these are the makings of a happy penny :)

  2. I have to have a Foto-fix every couple weeks...more than that if the time and some cute subjects allow. Luckily, I decided to make a smart move and join a group of others who like photography like I do. It's nice to have the reason to take some Fotos during every week now. And I'm starting to have friends who are asking for me to take Fotos for them...even if it just builds my portfolio instead of my change purse, I'm happy. And I can tell that I'm not completely happy if I don't get a Foto-fix for an extended period of really matters to me.
    I have to have a few rainy/cloudy days in a row...especially if it's been sunny for hundreds of hours in a row without a break. I need hot tea(in the morning) and some Darby&Preston snuggles(all day), a good book and, in the evenings, a good glass of the red vino. Time with my man at his country home helps center me, too. And I need some good family time at least every 2 months(like whole family get-togethers). Then, we have a happy Beci. :)