Friday, October 30, 2009

Discouraging lack of progress...

Currently, I'm at about 72.5K words on my SciFi novel. That's great. Only about 25K-30K more to go. Yippee. Sorry. I need more enthusiasm there. I really am excited about this, so YIPPEE!!!

But all this talk about Nanowrimo got me thinking about my own rate of writing. Currently I've only been managing about 700 words per day, weekdays only. That means that over the month of November, when all the contest goers will pound out 50K words, I'll only squeeze out... 14K. :( Yuck. I won't be finishing my novel until the end of December, and that's if the holidays and the still-hoped-for job don't slow things up. That was depressing to realize.

So although I won't be Nanowrimo'ing in November, I think I will make my own effort to ramp up my word count. Even if that just means extending my writing to the weekends or getting an extra 100 words per day in, obviously that's something I need to move towards. I eventually want to be a for-real published writer, and not just of a single novel.

Do you guys care to follow along and watch my progress? I could post a word count meter and update it daily. It would allow you to point fingers and laugh, I'm sure, so there's even something in it for you!

What do you guys do to discipline and keep yourselves on track for your job, diet, exercise regimen, or whatever?

And btw, have a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. 700 words a day isn't that bad. As I've been told, it's the quality of writing you churn out, not the quantity. Nano writers may churn out 50k of absolute dribble in a month, whereas you would have 14k of some pretty good stuff.

    I'd certainly like to follow your progress. I have no real discipline for my writing. I write when I'm in the mood and find that I make a better progress that way than forcing myself to sit and write. My novel, as it stands is approx 130k, but that will drop with editing.

  2. Oh, and happy halloween to you too ;)