Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SciFi Snippet

Because I have nothing to really talk about today, here's a snippet from Sunlands, my SciFi novel. Enjoy!

Then they let Sergeant Ortelli in. He stepped into the room and almost missed a step when he saw Lora, but came to attention despite the burning questions in his eyes.

“Sergeant, I don’t suppose you have any credits I could borrow?” she asked sweetly.

He broke attention immediately. “My Coravi, aren’t you carrying around your own credits yet?” but he was reaching into his trouser pockets nonetheless.

She laughed delightedly. “Not to worry, Sergeant. Save your credits. I learned my lesson and have my own. I was actually hoping you would help me put another arrogant man in his place.” The first time Ortelli had come to her attention, he was in her honor guard on an excursion into the city. Yet another of her attempts to right a wrong had almost failed thanks to his then commanding officer. With Ortelli’s help, and his credits, things had worked out. Ever since, she’d had a special fondness for the kind-hearted rascal.

He rubbed his hands together. “You know that old dog Warski did something to jack up his career? He has patrol duty now. In the north. Far north.” They shared a laugh at his old commander’s fate. The man had not been well-liked. “I’d be delighted to help. Things have been sorely dull since you left.”

She explained her need to obtain the records from the herbalist. “You’ll be acting on my authority. While I would like the operation to go smoothly and without offending too many people, if you start getting push-back, feel free to throw my weight around.”

“How many is too many people to offend?” He smirked.

“You’ll know you’ve jacked things up once you’re on patrol duty up north reporting to Warski again.”


  1. Intriguing...I just have to confirm this is your novel you are writing, and not reading?...(I'm blonde)

  2. Haha - yes, this is the novel I'm writing. And now that I'm re-reading it, it seems almost fantasy-like, except for the references to credits for payment. Hmmm.

  3. Credits work. It's better than `silver pieces`. I need to put some thought into what to call the currancy in my novel still. It's a typical medieval / western fantasy.

  4. Try out Seventh Sanctum's random generators. Here's the link to their currency one:

    I tend not to use anything exactly as they have it, but it's given me ideas for naming my own stuff. I'd just pick a couple of denominations, name them and make it clear how they relate to each other and then use other terms in front to break them down into portions. Like Seventh Sanctum came up with "Riyal" as a money type. Have a full riyal, half riyal, quarter riyal, etc.