Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are, er, were so proud...

Like most kids her age, the world revolves around J6.6. Every event or person that brushes her life is assigned an importance ranking based entirely upon how it or they affect her. The husband and I realize that it's just how kids are, and she's a good kid in general - it's not like she's amoral (except where it concerns E3.9) or sociopathic. So we just have an ongoing campaign to make sure that she realizes how things affect other people, even if she really doesn't care about it right now.

Now, some big things make an impression on her, like the situation in Haiti - that's been on the news and talked about by us and at school enough that she's aware that it's a very tragic occurrence and is causing lots of suffering. But the small stuff? Eh.

The other day, we were praying before bed, and it was J6.6's turn to pray. She said, "And please watch over Miss Joyce's mom and help her to get better quickly-"

At this point, my husband and I reared back in surprise. She prayed for someone else - someone not in our family! It was so completely unselfish and we were just amazed. We traded congratulatory smiles at a job well-done on our part as parents. Yeah! We had this parenting stuff down! We were raising a child who would be a good, caring addition to society and we basked in that knowledge. Proudly, we waited for her to finish.

"- without Miss Joyce having to go up and be with her, because I don't want a temporary bus driver. Amen."

Commence un-basking.

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