Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm doomed by clever kids

My husband and I are both smart people. Little doubt our kids would be smart. But they amaze me all the time. I was told that I had to post this story about E3.11, so here it is:

Recently, E3.11 climbed up on my bed where I was laying, staring at the ceiling. Instead of cuddling in next to me, she stretched out on top of me, so we were both laying there, staring up. Then she farted on me. It was loud, long and stank. The conversation following it went like this:

Me: "Oh, gross E3.11! You don't climb up here and fart on me! Go fart on daddy!"
E3.11: "I didn't fart." (in between giggles)
Me: "Uh, yeah, you did and it was disgusting."
E3.11: "No I didn't."
Me: "Yes. You did. Don't lie to me."
E3.11: "I did not fart. Just ask Sister."
Then she shifted a little bit to the right, looked back at where she had been and said in a slightly deeper voice: "She's telling the truth. She did not fart."
She slid back over to her original position and using her normal voice, said: "See. Even Sister agrees. I didn't fart."

Can you believe that she came up with that?!?!?!? Not even 4 years old, and she's creating eye-witnesses to defend a lie. She's headed for a life of crime. But she's cute and silly and keeps us smiling.

And she didn't fart. Even Sister agrees, and you can't argue with that.


  1. You know, the saddest part of that is that the girl actually already has a sister, and she created an imaginary one. Makes you wonder ;)

  2. Ah - imagination is a wonderful thing! Create what you want, when you want it!

  3. Cathy - she had to acquire a sis who would actually side with her from time to time. I'm sure your younger sis knows how that is... ;)

  4. Speaking of E4.0...Happy Birthday, Cutie! And even Sister would agree with that. ;)