Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing of Writing

Okay, so I took an unplanned hiatus from writing. My critique group has been reading through my SciFi novel, and in the meantime, I did nothing but write a small short story. Bleh. I was plotting some stuff in my head and somehow convinced myself that that was enough - I was still progressing.

Then I woke up and realized that it's definitely not enough. I wasn't progressing, because not a single new word had been written. Having it in my head wasn't good enough. So now I've gotten back to trying to write some everyday in between my other commitments, even if I'm not writing much or just writing down plot points or notes.

Anyways, my focus is a dark fantasy I've been considering for a while, but I think I might take the time to get the first chapter or two done on a second SciFi book to follow up the one I just finished. I have plans for a second book, and if I can get the first sold, they might be interested in a second, so it would be good to get a jumping off point written while I've still got their voices strong in my head.

Have you guys had to jerk yourselves back on track recently?


  1. it's not so much the writing that's an issue for me. It's the editing. Yes, I'm still editing that same book I finished about a year ago. I gave it a break for a while and started something knew - which I have 20,000 words to, give or take a few - while my critique group went through it, but now I have to get back into the swing of editing just to finally get it finished. Hopefully this will be my last editing session.

    It's good that you have a sequel for your book. I have a whole series planned for mine, and so far I have two completed (apart from editing) and one on the go. Publishers love a series aparently and goes in your favour when you go scouting for one.

  2. DRC - I'm impressed that you're tackling a series. I tried doing that originally with a traditional fantasy setting. It didn't work out - I was still a really newbie writer, and while I did get two of the books written, to make them publishable they'd need complete re-writes. Yes, they were that pitiful. The thought was daunting, so I filed them as practice novels and started something new.

    Now I'm trying not to trap myself in a series in case the idea doesn't sell. Even when I have the whole series planned (e.g. my urban fantasy I finished editing last year), I've still made the first book completely stand-alone and didn't commit to more than a few chapters of the 2nd book before starting something new again.

    That was the plan anyways. Now I'm left with all these great ideas for series and feeling like they're just moldering. I also feel a bit like someone who jumps from job to job every other year and can't seem to commit to anything long-term. I do envy you the series. I like knowing the characters for that long and developing them. Hopefully my plan works out and I'll be able to go back and finish some of those other series books I have planned out. :)

    What's the new book you have started? And I agree that getting back to editing a previous novel when you have this new shiny idea is really tough. I need to do the same with my UF novel. We can compare notes soon, now that you've reminded me to get back to it. ;)

  3. My series isn't a continuation of stories - as such. What I've done, because they're fantasy, is I've created this whole new world. I have it mapped out, I have a time line (kind I know it's history, and all the little details. My books are stand alone books in themselves, but all set in this same world. And because a couple of my characters are sorcerers, I know at some point they will over lap. Everyone knows of their legends, so they may even get mentioned as opposed to acually appearing, if you get my drift.

    Have you read anything from David and Leigh Eddings? They done the same kind of thing with some of their work.

    At least this way I'm free to write different things, but based in their world with their laws - and get away with calling it a Works great with SciFi too. My new one is just a simple tale about a gypsy curse, as opposed to my last two epics, but that's been put on hold while I'm editing. So, when you eventually get back to editing yours, comparing notes would be great ;D

  4. OMG, the Eddings' books are what first fed my love of fantasy! That and Raymond E. Feist and Mercedes Lackey.

    Your plans sound great! It'll be cool having the characters reference stories told in other books. I always enjoy that as a reader (and always end up going back to re-read stuff).