Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hangman - Hardist Game Evur

Ever played Hangman when the person coming up with the phrases to guess is just learning how to spell? Like someone, say, in kindergarten? Like J5.10! Luckily, she kept them easy on us for this first go-round, but I had visions of some obscurely spelled words that we'd never guess. Phonics are only used part of the time. Sometimes she spells words backwards. Periodically she leaves out consonants if it's too much trouble to write them. This little gaming endeavor could have gone sooo wrong.

As for E3.1, she decided to experiment with body art this weekend. She stamped circles on both cheeks (facial for those of you with filthy minds), over her mouth, on her arms, and the palms of her hands. She was incredibly proud of herself, but also wanted them washed off quick. So the dh and I started washing and soaping her up. I decided to get her shirt off so we wouldn't soak it down. What did we find? A perfect circle stamp over the belly-button. Yes, we took pictures.

We also had a neighbor stop by yesterday evening to see if he could buy some landscaping rock that we've had on pallets at the side of our house for over a year now. Apparently he thought we should be done with our project by now. Go figure. My father-in-law has two missions in life I think. The first is to get his oldest son, RJr, to cut his hair. His second is to get my husband, his youngest son, to finish this landscaping project. He's failed miserably at both so far. He's done everything in his power to see this project done. He's advised, labored endlessly on it himself, babysat for us so we could work on it - you name it. And yet it remains undone. Home beautifying = Epic Fail. We R pathetic.

That's it from our world. What have you guys been up to?

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