Friday, May 1, 2009

Which One of These is Not Like the Others?

Writing Progress:

Monday: 1100 words
Tuesday: 200 words (sadly, this is not a typo)
Wednesday: 2200 words
Thursday: 1200 words
Friday: TBD - I'll try to end the week strongly

Update: J5.9 is home sick, so writing = nonexistent. On the other hand, we did make 8 chocolate snack bags for the various Teacher Appreciation Weeks happening next week. We're also working on a Father's Day craft for the dh (dear husband) and a dolly craft to help keep the American Girl dolls behaving while they're in "class" by encouraging them with pretend money in little hanging pockets. I feel like Martha Stewart, only ya know, younger and much more poor.

Yeah, so uh, Tuesday wasn't a real good day for writing, but that's because I did landscaping work outside. Funny how cementing a stone wall into place can be compared to fitting a story together. :) Very inspiring, and I had good company.

Overall, this was a very good week on the writing front. I've got a couple of projects going, so when I've gotten stumped on one, I've been able to work on another. The drawback is that none of them are moving forward very quickly because my efforts are spread out. I'm trying to employ some discipline (totally foreign for me) and make sure that I get at least some decent stuff done on my main piece everyday before moving on to a side piece that might be more inspiring or flowing better.

Needless to say, of those 3 books I was so looking forward to releasing this week, I've only read one of them. It was super though, and I have high hopes for the others.

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  1. Yeah, well you haven't been in jail yet either, unlike Martha Stewart ;)