Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Much Fun!

You guys have got to try out the hour long Plants vs. Zombies demo by PopCap Games if you haven't already. Too much fun! There's my Zombatar to the left. Yes, that is a traffic cone on my head - it'll protect me from the peashooter plants and shroom shooters to some extent. Pretty hawt, huh? To get an idea of the game, click the Videos link and watch the gameplay footage. Then watch the music video... LOVED IT!!! Basically, zombies are invading from the street and you plant things in your garden to destroy them before they reach your house and eat your brains. Good times.

The game itself is silly and entertaining. The zombies are freaking hilarious. There's one that my dad is going to come back as - a mild-mannered newspaper-carrying zombie. Nothing to him... until you take out his newspaper. Then he brings the speed and the pain. They've got a pole vaulting zombie in running shorts with little scraps of hair stuck to her head. And the names they give the plants... love 'em!

The full game is available for purchase and immediate download from the website (looks like for $19.95) or from Steam for $9.99. I'm hoping J5.10 will get a kick out of it, once we explain what zombies are and how they eat brains and convince her that they really won't enter our house to get her...

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