Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Like Pulling Teeth

Writing is like that some days. I've spent most of the morning at the pc, and admittedly, a chunck of that time was spent on the intarwebs, but I devoted a good bit of time to my writing. The setup was perfect. I had the next scene all plottted out in my head, even some of the dialog nailed down. It should have been a simple write and destroy mission where my word quota for the day is what falls down and pleads for mercy as I power my way past it. And then, on to housework (that's just in here for my husband's benefit). 

Yeah. So, guess what didn't happen...

And I have no idea why. I wrote what I set out to write, minus the lead-in to the next scene that I really thought would just emerge with the flow of things. But the words weren't coming. The descriptors weren't there, ready to flow from my fingers to the keyboard. The emotions weren't quite right. The whimsical humor this main is supposed to have was utterly lacking. I don't know if she was PMSing on me today or what, but ugh! At 670 words, I haven't come within shouting distance of my word quota of 750 - 1000 words per day. And it took me at least an hour longer than it should have. 

Do you know how many dishes I could have done, how many surfaces I could have dusted in that amount of time? I weep for that lost cleaning time. NOT. I do regret the lost time, but let's be serious. I could have done dishes, dusted, submitted a few resumes and still gotten in about a half hour of reading time. ;)

So I'm gonna take a break and see if I can come back later with a better writing frame of mind. Dishes, here I come.

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