Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Release Day!!

Lots of good books are hitting the shelves today. And these are just the ones that I care about!

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward - Paranormal Romance - This is Rehvenge's story. Can't wait. Must know what's happening with John, Quinn, Blay and especially Tohr. 

Burning Wild by Christine Feehan - Paranormal Romance - The latest in her Leopard series. Can't wait.

Always a Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch - Regency Romance + great author = Can't wait. And when's her next Samantha Jellicoe story coming out? I need more Sam and Rick.

Did you notice a trend with these releases? Yeah - Can't. Wait.

What's coming out soon that you're looking forward to? Besides the next Sookie book by Charlaine Harris - next week!! Woohoo!

As far as writing is concerned, I weighed in at 1100 words yesterday. Woot. Grats to me!


  1. holy crap! i forgot about the new sookie stackhouse book coming out!!!! WOOT! I need to hurry up and knock the last bit of Breaking Dawn out tonight :)

    by the way--WOW--talk about action! this last twilight book has got more action/excitement in it than the first three books combined. way to go out with a bang! the fourth book is the last right? i won't look it up cuz i dont want to read any spoilers.

  2. Yes, the 4th book is the last. Twas fabulous!

  3. finished it last night! what a great ending! :) thanks for the graduation presents, sis....they were awesome!!!!!