Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Under Surveillance

I don't have much time. I'm being watched all the time now. The only way I got some time to write yesterday was that a fellow inmate distracted the guard for me. So I've gotten a whopping 400 words written for the week so far. Woohoo! Good news though - the guard and guard-in-training are heading over to another facility later today and through to some of tomorrow. I'll be frantically writing (and submitting resumes) while they're gone.

In case this isn't making sense to you, J5.9 is out of school on Spring Break for the week, and will not let me have ANY time to myself. I have to bargain for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, and then she's waiting outside the door to escort me to our next forced activity.

Ironically, guess what the guard is doing right now that is giving me this time to post? She's... wait for it... WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING A STORY!!! No kidding! She's getting to write and I'm NOT (this is writing, yes, but it's not Writing)! But it's cool to see my genes apparently at work. So, to my daughter and the rest of you out there working on stories that inspire you, 'Keep on Writing!' And get me out of this jail!!!!!


  1. aww i love you sissy! write write write! at least spring break isnt that long!

  2. THAT was too funny! The Guard & Guard-in-Training. Hilarious! And I can just see it. I guess what goes around DOES come around since you were Mom's guard most of your younger life! : ) Tweeeheeheeheeheeeheeheheeeee.......