Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Series Review - Lisa Shearin

Okay, so I think I orginally picked up the first of these books after reading about them on Agent Kristin Nelson's blog (same way I found Linnea Sinclair and Ally Carter). Sooooo glad that I did. LOVED THEM! I'd liken them to Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels books, except in a more traditional fantasy setting rather than an urban fantasy apocalyptic one. They're just as fast-paced, with a likeable kick-butt female protagonist. No mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, so your testosterone is safe should you pick these up, guys. I think that besides the fast-paced action and subtle humor throughout, my favorite thing is the incredible job she did in creating her secondary characters. They're awesome, from her larcenous cousin to her innocent younger adoptive brother, to the battle-loving barbarian who is her perpetual bodyguard. They're g-r-r-r-eat (yes, I was doing a Tony the Tiger voice in my head when I wrote that)!

The part in the 2nd book, Armed & Magical when she puts the glamor of her cousin and then the embassy guard over herself and gets a few key "man" experiences is freaking hilarious!

I tore through these three books in about a week and a half, but I slowed down while going through the third one, because I knew I didn't have another one to read right afterwards. I was trying to stretch it out, make it last. Book four isn't due out until 2010. :( Much sadness.

Anyways, I added Ms. Shearin to the Blogs for Writers list on the sidebar, because I found writing goodness there at her site. Go check out Lisa Shearin's site and her books. You won't be sorry.


  1. Amelie,

    I'm so glad you loved my books! And thank you so much for your wonderful reviews and for adding my site to your Blogs for Writers list. : )

    Take care!

  2. Ehhg - Just when I think I might get some progress on my to-be-read pile, you plop out with something like this..... bad girl! Now I have to go and get them and read them.... your suggs are gold!