Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stuff and Things

Well, she's now officially J6.0, as of yesterday. :) My first baby... Sigh.

Yesterday was productive for me in getting Historian's Calling polished up. I had to rename it because of other books out with the same title - not exactly surprising with a one-word title. :) If it actually gets to the point of being published, it might get renamed again. But Historian's Calling is the new working title. Gladiator's Legacy is what I'm currently going with for Quint's book. I've dropped in the rest of the scenes to support the idea that Colfax really is a threatening bad guy, and I've tried to fix other logic issues as I went. Thank goodness for critique partners. I know my mom would say that some of the changes they suggested were completely unnecessary (thanks, Mom!), but I think the ones I chose to concentrate on are making the book stronger, and that's what I'm all about.

It's getting there!

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  1. ah,i'm glad you're not leaving it as just Gladiator by itself :)

    when do we get a snippet of Quint's story?