Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Must Love Hellhounds Contest Post

I've been almost too busy to write lately, so this is a very quick post to let you all know that I'm still around. Then I'm going to get to writing before another day goes by with almost no progress. I'm only at 300 words for the week. Gah!!!! Never gonna get published at this rate!

I came up with a new short story idea last night that I'll try putting together in my free time (hah!) either to enter in a contest or put up on the website. I also had a flash of inspiration for an urban fantasy idea. I'm afraid to think too much more on it for fear that it'll entice me more than my WIP (Work In Progress) - and that wouldn't be hard. Quint and his whole crew are giving me problems lately. I'll see if I can work the new idea into the background for one of the protagonists for the series I'm already working on, and if not, I guess I'll file it away for its own stand-alone novel or series.

As for the contest, Nalini Singh is giving away a free ARC of the upcoming September release of Must Love Hellhounds. You have until August 5th to enter. Get the deets for the contest here at Nalini's website.

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