Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fashion Police - Daycare Raid

Apparently sometime last week, J5.119999999 was involved in a fashion sting at the daycare. The daycare director, who is also probably J5.119999999's favorite all-time teacher, Ms. M, wore an outfit that didn't include matching shoes. Gasp!!! Now, just so you understand, Ms. M had an altercation with her lawn-mower a few weeks ago and she lost. She's got one foot in a cast, so she can only wear one shoe in the first place. She's already stumbling the line of not-matching everyday thanks to her cast. And last week she fell on the wrong side of what's allowable for my daughter's educational hero.

But it wasn't just Ms. M who got caught up in the fashion fracas. J5.119999999 got called to task as well and had to defend her own apparel. Here's how the altercation went as far as I can tell:

J5.119999999 to Ms. M: "Ms. M! That outfit... it just doesn't match."

Another child to J: "J5.119999999, wasn't that you wearing stripes and plaid together earlier this week?" (YES! Another child said this, and let me state for the record that I told J that it didn't really match but I was overruled that day.)

J looks down her nose at the other child (probably hard to do because J's on the short side), sniffs and says: "I made it work."

I kid you not! This whole story was a shocker to me. The other kid grilling J about her stripes/plaid choice, and then J's supreme confidence in her own style and that the outfit doesn't make her - she makes the outfit. Just loved it!

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  1. wow...thats impressive. i think you guys have been accessorizing the dolls to much! lol