Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Real - At least my writing isn't that bad... (I hope)

While browsing through Miss Snark's archives in search of the synopsis info, I found a post of hers that was hilarious. If you enjoy mocking other people's use of grammar or turn of phrase, this one is for you. Yes, sis #3, I'm talking to you. And to you, mom-in-law. And to you, critique-partner M. And... man, I should just dedicate this to all my friends I guess. We all seem to have that love in common. ;)

I think we need to vote on our favorites, although there are so many horribly good ones. I was going to list some of my favorites, but once I got to 7 that made me laugh out loud, I just stopped. You might not make it through all of them, but save the link and come back when you need a laugh (although you too may find yourself "supressing the urge to smile out loud").


1 comment:

  1. hahaha, noooo definitely not that bad.

    read Little Piece of Home yesterday! it was awesome!!! ive never gotten into sci-fi much, but it was excellent! where's the rest?