Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Release Week!!

This week and next week are release-Christmas for me! Let's see what's in the stocking!

This week (8/25/09):
  • Patricia Briggs - Hunting Ground (next in the Alpha & Omega series)
  • Patricia Briggs - Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (graphic novel)
  • L.L. Foster - Servant: The Kindred (Gaby book #3)
Next week (9/1/09):
  • Christine Feehan - Dark Slayer (Carpathian book #umpteen)
  • Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook (holy incredible author lineup, Batman!!! Shazaam!)- Must Love Hellhounds
  • Rob Thurman - Trick of the Light (1st of a new series)
Yes, I will be stalking B&N this week and early next week. :) Can't wait!!!!

As for writing, last week was pretty much a bust. I worked 2.5 days, went hiking/swimming 1 day, and did company picnic/school open house stuff for another half a day. That left one day for serious writing. I did get a little done on those off-days, but it wasn't much. So I wrote a total of maybe 1500 words last week. Blah. I got some history for my SF society figured out, so that's cool. Hopefully this week will work out better.

Happy reading.


    1. It's always a little harder when life steps in and disrupts what you wish to do. : ) I'm glad you have to have a reason to stalk B&N...Cat goes just on a whim! ;) Glad for you about the SF society...I'm sure we'll see bits of it exampled soon. Best wishes on having a more productive writing week this time. Hugs to all!

      ps-I miss the updates on J & E...I can't remember the current numbers at the moment...what have those 2 cuties been up to recently?!?

    2. Thanks for the updates! I'm trying to catch up on all that I've missed lately--stupid work!!!!