Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Lied (Shocker) and Kids Update

Yeah, so I lied about being productive this week. Not going to be a good writing week, I don't believe. Another busy week is starting up, but I did get about 450 words written yesterday on the SF novel. Something is better than nothing I suppose.

As for the kiddos (since Beci asked in comments), J6.1 starts 1st grade today. I just don't get that kid sometimes. We ran to the school yesterday to drop off meds for her allergies, along with the six reams of paperwork it takes to get them to treat her at school in an emergency. We made brownies in the morning and took them with us to butter up the front office staff and get a start on 'extra credit' with her teacher. Really, we made the brownies and immediately started getting flack from my husband because we're 'trying to make him fat' - as if. So we took them with us on errands to get rid of some of them.

The teachers were all in staff meetings, but we found a school employee who has the keys to the city and was able to let us into J's classroom so we could leave the goodies. J6.1 knows the lady who helped us out, Ms. N, and saw her everyday last year in the cafeteria where Ms. N apparently assists with keeping kids in line, opening food packages, cleaning up messes, etc. Ms. N knew J by name on sight. J knows her. Would J talk to her? No. Answer her questions? No. Even look at her? No.

This worried me. So when we got out to the car, I asked J if there's some reason she doesn't like that lady. Is she mean? Does she do stuff that seems wrong? Does she say mean things to the kids? Does she do things that make the kids feel weird? You guys know what I'm getting at. J gives me this 'Mom, you are so bizarre' look and says, "No. I just feel shy today." WTF? You feel shy, so you give this poor woman the 1,000 yard cold hairy eyeball of death? Go figure.

As for E3.4, she's been entertaining us with singing songs, and "reading" books to herself that she's pretty much memorized the words to. It's pretty cute. She also does a super impersonation of Mort from the Madagascar penguins. We sit down to dinner and get, "I liiiiiiike rolls!" Once I had even commented that I hadn't realized she knew about such and such (can't remember what we were talking about) and she said, "I don't have to know, to liiiiiiiike!" which was a quote from one particular episode. She's a trip. Yesterday, I had been working on playing a PC game for J6.1 and accidentally exited without saving!!!! You guys know my pain. All that effort and progress playing a game that I find frustrating in the first place, and it was wasted. I was writhing on the carpet like a salted slug, bemoaning my idiocy, and I felt this little hand patting my cheek. I opened my eyes and E is sagely nodding her head at me. "It's okay mommy. I kiss you. You feel better." I did feel better after that. :)


  1. See, I just knew you could save my day! After being in a most foul mood yesterday, I certainly didn't want to come to work today. And after some of the less-intelligent[nice way of saying stoopider than snodgrass] questions I have gotten today (such as "my water bill went down by half and I had company in town...why did it do that?" Idon't know about you but I have never complained about having a half-price water bill!) I think maybe I should have stayed in bed this morning. Needless to say, after reading your blog today, I am quite entertained and certainly laughing at the mental images evoked by your hysterical descriptions of J6.1 and E3.4. As for your slug portrayal...at least it wasn't a drunk slug who had slid into an upside down mayo lid filled with Schlitz beer and who's skin was now beoming too small for it's innards. Teeheeheeheeheheeheeheheeeeeeeee....

  2. lol, amen bex! what a picker upper! Just for that, I'll give you one back--a chuck norris nerd joke:

    Chuck Norris can write infinite recursion functions…and have them return.

    lol!!! I sent this around my office and created a monster!

    I love the salt and beer slug references, you two! Oh good times in the M-house!