Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Writing, writing, writing

Brace yourselves, fearless readers. I actually made progress on Quint's story yesterday. GASP! I know. I was shocked too. 775 words on it and about 450 on the SF novel. Quint has made it back onto the page in a new scene. Prior to this, the secondary characters were taking advantage of the lack of anything going on with Quint to make their own demands known. Jace had to have his scene that turned into a long stretch because Reaper wanted to get in on the action. Then Jayna had it with all the mouthy men and took AJ with her on a quick errand. Thank the gods that he's actually a quiet one! Jayna also made a disturbing discovery and went to Steele with it, who called the mousekateers together for a club meeting, er planning session. But Quint is back! Yay.

Thanks to the Stardoc SciFi series of books I won from S.L. Viehl's Left Behind and Loving It on-line writing workshops a couple of weeks ago, I realized a few things I could do to spruce up the SF work. Most of my word count yesterday for the SF book was going back and adding necessary details to existing scenes but I did get the next scene started too. I'm still juggling the particulars of some stuff later in the scene, but at least the groundwork is laid.

Speaking of her Stardoc books, I'm LOVING them and can't believe I missed them before. They're heavy on plot intricacies, truly distinct characters with their own motivations, and fully realized alien species. The main is a doctor, which makes for a very interesting read. She's a unique personality who's always elbow deep in some poor alien's innards trying to save their life, limb, tentacle, claw, third liver, or something. That's in between all the craziness that surrounds this chick and anyone who encounters her. The best part is that Viehl autographed each book for me, and has been super-encouraging about my writing quest. If you're looking for good SciFi, look no further. The first book is Stardoc.

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