Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy week... and it's only Wednesday

How did it get to be Wednesday already? Here's a breakdown of my accomplishments for the week so far:

Writing: 700 words -- Pitiful (Beyond Pitiful, really)
Editing: 6 Chapters -- Fair
Brainstorming : 5 scenes -- Fair
Job Hunt: Don't ask -- Suxxorz
Landscaping: 50 ft. stone wall & the sunburn to prove it -- Crispy
TBR stack: 1 down, about 30 more to go -- Reading withdrawal
Movies: Watchmen -- Can I have that afternoon back, pls?

And that's it. That's all I've done. No more full-time job, and yet I still can't seem to get much done. Very frustrating.

What have you all managed to do so far this week? Post in comments. We'll see who's the laziest!


  1. Let's see: I went to the dentist, reviewed some short stories that I've had since December, reviewed part of your first 100 pages, caught up on the pile of newspaper I had, and...that's about it. Oh, I saw [i]Watchmen[/i] too, and I don't necessarily want that afternoon back.

  2. Watchmen was the most well-done ~3 hours of nothing I've ever endured in my entire life--I'll take my afternoon back as well!

    Cinematography: Excellent
    Soundtrack: Great
    Character Development: What development?
    Acting: Who stole their souls?
    Nudity: Who can concentrate with a blue penis flopping around the entire weird.

    Okay...enough Watchmen bashing. What did I accomplish so far this week? Worked 34.5 hrs :'( ... my personal life is dwindling.

    I know I'm supposed to be commenting about reading/writing/writers/readers...sorry.

  3. Mike - I do appreciate your comments on my 1st 100 pages. Now I just need to go fix all the problems. :) And it's always nice catching up on stuff. Got lots of time for that now.

    Penny - Nah, post away! I agree that Watchmen was very well done. It was just tedious to sit through, and I like leaving a movie feeling good about humanity, not horrified to be part of it. Kudos to the creators of it for staying true to the original graphic novel and their vision though.