Friday, March 6, 2009

Moms & Family

I'm kind of at a loss today as far as what to put up here. I got some decent editing done yesterday, as well as some new stuff written on my latest SciFi short. I think I've almost decided to take the other shorts I've written in the same world and just make a novel out of it. 

My mom read the last complete short this morning and said it was just about... perfect. I know, I know. Moms always say that. My sisters are probably passed out from choking on laughter at that. Our mom doesn't say that about everything, but she is very positive about my writing. And she told me again that I "must get published". I keep telling her - I'm trying.

Seriously, we have a great mom. She's supportive, pushed all of us to go to college to broaden our horizons, has a good sense of humor, didn't beat us any more than needed (most of the time), and puts up with all of us calling her multiple times a week, even though we're all out of the house. But she's also sometimes brutally honest. 

We all grew up knowing that the youngest was her favorite - something about that one being the only one to say "mommy" first. Now, I ask you: If you were a toddler, just learning to walk and talk in the northern US, and you had a choice between the parent with ice-cold hands, even when they've just been immersed in scalding hot dishwater, or the father with warm hands even though he just came in from shoveling snow outside with no gloves on, and you need your diaper changed, who ya gonna call on? That's right. Daddy. Now the youngest, she grew up in the South, after the fam moved, where you slump from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned stores when you're forced to go outside at all. With everything so hot and humid, NOW who do you want changing your diaper? Mommy Wonderfully Cool Hands, or Daddy Sweltering? Uh huh. Mystery solved. And for that, she's always been the favorite - gets away with everything, etc. Admittedly, the youngest is also a great person, very caring, smart, pretty (need I go on) and never got into much trouble anyways. Somehow, that makes it all worse. It's like she deserves it or something...

Ok, enough of this mushy family stuff. Back to writing about space betrayals, sicko bad guys and traumatic childhoods.

I do have to say to my mom, my own family, and the family I married into, thanks for being so supportive. They've all helped with my dream of writing in one way or another. 

So Much Thanks!

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Well now I feel bad.... here I thought the baby really liked me better! But it is super cool to be the mom when you have four kids all of whom are gems in their own right, in their own way!
    the mum

  2. I DO like you better!!! I'm your fav! :)