Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goal Reached.... Sort of

So, yesterday was a weird writing day for me. I spent all weekend planning what I was going to tackle first thing Monday morning when I sat down to write. I woke up and decided that nope, none of it was the right thing to... errr, write. So there I was, with time to write, but nothing ready to be written. Very frustrating. So I frittered away a little bit of time on my UF novel (Quint's story), but quickly came to a stall. Ever since he stole away to vent on this blog, Quint has been a bear to work with.

After getting nowhere on any other work in progress (WIP), I went outside and weeded our front flower garden. I use the term "garden" loosely. I've seen real gardens. My mom and my in-laws have gorgeous gardens. Ours, not so much. It's mainly a sloping area of mulch with bushes in it and some bulbs sprinkled here and there. None of the flowers are currently blooming, but we've got a couple of hosta that my mom planted there in the hopes of making us want to take care of them. The "garden" does look better, and I spent my weeding time re-working the issues I had with my WIPs. Back inside again, showered and ready to write, I wrote on two other WIPs. 

All told, I think I met my writing quota of 750-1000 words, but it was with 200-300 word stints on several different works. None of them really moved forward. I basically just set stuff up and hopefully during the rest of the week I'll actually develop the plots I primed. Keep your fingers crossed for me (and Quint, Loranya and Elizabeth - all the main characters).

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