Friday, June 26, 2009


Yikes! A whole work-week of blogging for me... Don't expect this to happen again anytime soon. There aren't enough people who want to read my babbles yet to make me do this very often. I'm not fishing for compliments. But if you have any, I will wallow in them.

I've done a mix of writing this week, although I haven't gotten back to Quint's book since Tuesday. Yesterday was Sci-fi and Historian day for me, and today I'll be working more on Historian, trying to get those scenes of Colfax (da bad guy) in. And I've got one more critique partner's review to implement suggestions from. After that I'll do one more complete read-through and then start getting a synopsis written up to send out with query letters. I am a bit afeart at the thought of a synopsis. It's a detailed account of the whole story, minus the dialog, description or pretty prose. It's basically a cut-and-dried version of the story with none of the usual stuff to liven it up. And right now, it seems like a lot of work. I know, like writing the novel itself wasn't. It's probably fear of the unknown more than anything else, but I'm not looking forward to it.

Anyways, off to paint and write! Have a great weekend!


  1. :) i like reading your babbles! i took today to catch up since ive been slammed all week at work.

    im sure you can pump out a great synopsis too!

    good luck painting! ewwww.....boy do i hate spackling (spelling?)

  2. Actually, I take a break from my reality when I read your blogs. :) They are extremely entertaining and make me laugh.
    I can completely understand how difficult a synopsis would be.
    It seems to me to be like trying to review a attempt to encourage someone to try something without being able to explain all the culinary delights available. Maybe that sounds silly...jmo...
    Anyways, thank you for the blogging this week...I enjoyed the snippet you provided, too. Glad I don't have to wake up with that particular problem. :)