Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Doing well this week - got 1100 words written on Quint's book, Gladiator (curent title), on Monday and another 500 yesterday. I've also been watching episodes of Survivorman and doing some web research to figure out how to write the parts with Quint in the wild. So that should help with the word count later. I'll be so on top of the complications that the words will rush in a torrent from my fingers to the keyboard and I'll finish the story in a week, right? Right? I am now at about 20,000 words into Gladiator, so about 1/5th of the way through. I really need to increase the pace though. It's been slowed down immensely due to the times that I got maybe a couple hundred words a week written on it. Yikes!

I've also been editing Jayna's book, Historian, and have figured out what I want to add in to make the reader take my bad guy, Colfax, more seriously. He does have a plan. I swear it. In the rough drafts, all the reader saw of his plan was him trying to find out who got the Historian's powers and get his dastardly hands on her. In the background though, he's been making use of the Historian powers that he did manage to get access to. I finally figured out what he would have been doing with them, so now I just have to go back and pepper those episodes in throughout the book. Yay.

Later this week I'll need some help with the weaponry for my SciFi novel, so start thinking about what you do/don't like for futuristic weapons. I'm still defining what I need, so once I have it clear in my head, I'll be bouncing the ideas off you guys and requesting your input. No death-rays or things like that. This should be stuff that normal military and private security would have access to, so nothing too massively destructive. I'm also not staging any spaceship battles at this point, so while it would be good for the sake of thoroughness, that stuff is not my priority right now.

Oh, and I hate painting & priming. The only thing making it bearable right now is that my mom gave me the first few J.D. Robb In Death audiobooks and I'm listening to those as I slave away. Yes, I've read each about a half dozen times already, but it's cool listening to them. They're great stories, even if you know what's happening, and I'm amazed at the details that I'm picking up when I'm forced to listen to someone else read. I've got a clearer picture of the characters in my head now. It's pretty neat.

So happy middle of the week to you all!!

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  1. nothing big and i know it doesnt really help you in the likes and dislikes of futuristic weapons, but i thought the one in Ironman with the paralyzing effect was kinda cool....