Monday, June 29, 2009

Synopsis - Not What I Thought

Yeah, after doing more research, the synopsis isn't quite what I originally thought. Now, I remember looking into this a few years ago, and I distinctly remember coming away thinking that it was a really long (like 12 pages) dry breakdown of the story. All character names were supposed to be in ALL CAPS, certain conventions needed to be followed when mentioning something for the first time, blah blah blah. Either things have changed or that was all just a dream for me.

There are two different kinds of synopses. There's a short one and a detailed one. I guess my previous data is closer to a description of the detailed one, but it still shouldn't be dry. Most of what the agents I'm looking at are expecting is the short one (like 2-3 pages max), so that's good news. Anyways, after my research from Friday, I've added another set of links to the sidebar noting some helpful synopsis how-to pages I found from literary agents and their assistants. The Miss Snark ones will be most useful if you bring up the condensed results, note which entry you want to read based on the comments of what people got out of it, and then bring up the full list of entries to find the one you want. If you don't take my advice, but instead want to cherry-pick through 99 entries all on your own, be my guest.

Okay, off to work now. I've got sanding, priming and painting on tap for today, along with my writing, maybe a little sewing, cleaning, laundry, printer/keyboard ailment diagnosis, and about a dozen other things. Wish me luck. And best wishes on your work/home/play week.

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